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1.03 Development of a comparative tool to predict ink misting

Laurette Vieille-Grosjean, Alice Vermeulin

Ink misting has become a major issue for high speed offset presses. It typically occurs when an ink film splits between rollers and creates ink filaments, which eventually break up into tiny droplets, causing severe degradation of the press environment. Extensive research has helped to better understand misting mechanisms.

An attempt was made to develop a comparative and predictive method to evaluate misting based on physical simulations correlated to rheological properties of a panel of coldset and sheetfed inks. As a complex phenomenon, ink’s tendency to mist cannot be defined by only one rheological parameter, such as tack or elasticity. And a predictive method may include a combination of several data coming from both ink and ink-water emulsion results. Simulating misting on Inkometer seemed to be a good first approach for sheetfed inks, as absence of misting was correlated to no result on a small-scale offset press (Apollo). A lot of observations were done during this study especially on misting simulations of coldset inks and influence of ink-water emulsions on rheological profiles of sheetfed inks. Further experiment shall be carried out to larger series of inks and ink-water emulsions to complete this approach.

Keywords: ink, misting, offset printing, rheology, comparative tool
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