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4.07 Production of colored nanocrystalline cellulose (NCC) films

Christine Canet, Alice Vermeulin, Fyrial Ghozayel, Jean-David LeBreux, Yasser Kadiri, Gilles Picard, Dominique Simon

The Quebec Institute of Graphic Communications (QIGC) has been conducting a three-years R&D project aiming at developing a liquid printing material made of nanocrystalline cellulose and its print applications. Among the vast area of promising applications NCC might offer, QIGC has decided to focus on developing a liquid printing material made of NCC in order to introduce security elements like latent patterns and/or specific colors in a print. Color produced by thin NCC films is not due to the presence of pigmented element, but results from light interferences on NCC self-organized as a Bragg network. Counterfeiting of such an “ink” will thus be seriously compromised.

This project comprises several steps, among which: 1/ The identification and understanding of parameters controlling the color of a thin NCC solid film; 2/ The characterization and mapping of the whole range of reproducible colors; 3/ The formulation of a printing material made of NCC and 4/ The development and establishment of a procedure to obtain predictable and consistent target colors.

The present paper aims to present used methodology. It also highlights achieved results-to-date and describes future steps and main issues to overcome to complete successfully this project.

Keywords: nanocrystal, color, new generation ink, nancrystalline cellulose films
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